Most Churches Skip the Exit Interview Process.
Don't Yield to That Temptation.

When you have a resignation on the table, the first instinct is to do whatever is necessary to start the process of finding a replacement. The goal is simple: fill the gap and move on. Nobody likes the hiring process, and it can be a huge distraction. But moving immediately into 'search mode' significantly decreases your chances of making a healthy, long-term hire this next time around.

Exit Interviews are a great tool to help understand what is really going on at your church and to begin to plan for the future. True, they can be awkward (that's why most churches skip this crucial step), but they are incredibly helpful for moving into your next ministry season in a healthy way. At Chemistry Staffing, we've developed a plan to remove the awkwardness yet reap the rewards of the information an exit interview provides. Our non-biased ministry professionals interview both you and the departing staff member to provide a comprehensive report that will help you do the following:

Receive Real  Reasons & Story for Departure

Many times, departing staff give overly spiritualized reasons for departing your staff. There is value in having someone outside your church ask the question "Why did you decide to leave right now?" The answer to this question can give great insight into not just perceived reasons for departure, but underlying factors that contributed to the decision to leave.

Gain Valuable Feedback on Your Church Culture

How does the staff member really feel about your church? From their standpoint, is the church healthy? Is the leadership trustworthy? Would they recommend your church to their friends as a great place to work? These are questions that are hard to ask internally, but we (as outsiders) can find honest answers that will help you better understand internal staff dynamics.

Establish Important Details of Transition

What does the employee expect from the church during this time of transition? Are there expectations (salary, assistance, how things are communicated) from the church or the departing staff member? During our exit interview, we'll help you identify any on-going needs and concerns and assist you in developing a communication plan to address these issues.

Identify What You Did Well This Time

What did the departing staff member like the most about working at your church? What was the most fulfilling part of their role? Was the church supportive of the staff member's family? Does he/she feel they were properly compensated?Finding out what you did well will help you build on those strengths for the next person to hold the position.

Determine Vital Changes for Next Time

We'll ask the employee what they would change (if he/she could) for his/her successor. Did he/she feel empowered and properly resourced to fulfil the role. Was his/her job description and expecations clearly defined?  We'll drill down to find out the level of satisfaction the staff member experienced in their role at your church.

Learn How to Improve  Staff Health & Tenure

The biggest take away you'll receive from a properly executed Exit Interview is the valuable insights you'll learn that will help you improve your church, staff, and team culture for the future. Learning from your past mistakes (and dedicating yourself to not repeating them) is a huge step forward. Building on your strengths allows you to keep valuable staff members well into the future.

“The goal of exit interviewing is to learn from the past so that you don't repeat mistakes in the future.”

Michael Bergdahl in "What I learned from Sam Walton: How to Compete and Thrive in a Wal-Mart World"


Exit Interview


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