Finding candidates for your church is easy.
Finding GREAT candidates for your church can be HARD.

Find the Right Candidates

You know the drill. Not every candidate that applies for your opening will be a good fit. Most won't even be close. We pre-screen every candidate that applies to your opening and match them to your church's unique theology and culture. We assess their skills and personality. Then we present you with only candidates that are a good fit for your specific church.


Find a Long-Term, Healthy Fit

Most church staff members stay about three years. Yet according to recent studies, the most fruitful period of ministry starts around year five. Long-term ministry creates long-term impact. We work to ensure that the candidates we provide have the ability to serve at your church five years or more so that they can make a lasting impact.

Affordable Pricing for
All Sized Churches

Many churches don't consider outside expertise during their search process because of the added expense. Our unique model enables you to tap into our hiring and ministry expertise at a reasonable and justifiable price. Whether you are a church of 100 or 10,000, we can be a wise stewardship investment in the future of your church.

We can help you find a long-term healthy fit for your church staff.

It's what we do... all day... every day. We can take the burden of your search off your back and bring quality candidates to your table. 


What Churches Are Saying About Chemistry Staffing

We get to work with the greatest churches on the planet. Turns out they like us too!







At Chemistry Staffing, we LOVE the Church.

things happen when the RIGHT LEADERSHIP is in place. We can help...

Exit Interview Strategy

The exit interview is one of the most valuable tools that a church can utilize during a season of transition… but it is often one that is ignored. Why? Because it is awkward. Exit interviews require a willingness to ask and answer difficult questions, and it may result in hearing things that are uncomfortable to talk about. We can conduct your exit interviews for you, removing the awkwardness, yet providing the needed insight to move forward.


Final Fit Analysis

Maybe you've already started your search and have narrowed the list to just a handful of candidates. Before you pull the trigger, Chemistry's Final Fit Analysis can help you find red or yellow flags you may have missed in the areas of theology, church culture/DNA, personality, or skills and abilities. We'll do one final round of interviews with your final candidates as a trusted third-party resource to be sure the one you pick has long-term ministry potential.

Compensation Examination

How much should you pay your church staff?  Should you pay more based on experience or education? How does your total compensation package compare to what other churches are paying for a similar position?  Chemistry's Compensation Examination can give you the confidence that you are paying fairly and generously. We'll help you work through a salary and benefits package that will help attract (and keep) the right candidates at your church for the long run.

Onboarding & Coaching

Sometimes you can use a little bit of outside expertise in helping navigate a new hire or an existing staff relationship.  Chemistry's team of church professions have many years of practical ministry experience as staff members, volunteers, and on leadership teams. There is nothing that will surprise them, and no problem or relationship that they are unwilling to help negotiate. Our listening ears and helpful guidance will help move your team forward.

Let's Start the Conversation

Are you getting ready to start the search process at your church? Or maybe you're in the midst of a search that needs a little extra help? Let's talk. We'd love to hear your story and see if there's a way that we can help find your next long-term ministry staff member.




About Chemistry Staffing

Chemistry Staffing helps churches and potential staff members make healthy connections. Our process has one goal: a long-term, healthy fit for both the church and the staff member. Great things happen when the right leadership is in place in a local church… lives are changed and churches thrive. Our passion is to help make that a reality.

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